Friday, February 13, 2015

Tornado Tournament 3000 Review

Introduction: The Tornado Tournament 3000 Foosball table is really one of the best if not the best Foosball table on the market. However that also means it is one of the most expensive. Never the less, if you are looking for a superb Foosball table, then you should check out this table. The cabinet, thick at ¾”, is thicker than most, and provides a solid game play so the rods and don’t slip and pull on the table and the game is played better. Over the game-play on the table is great, the rods, with tournament-level counter balanced men provide a superb high-level of play that any Fooser would enjoy.
The bearings are an important part of any Foosball table and this one has one of the best around. The bearings let the rods flow through holes in the cabinet and allow the smooth play needed to perform the necessary motions to perform advanced shots like the push-shot and the pull-shot.
When you play Foosball, the game can become quite intense, and the players, sometimes weighing over 250 pounds put a lot of force into the rods. This can cause the rods to bend and ultimately will require you to purchase expensive replacement rods. However not with the T3000 Foosball table; these rods were built to withstand massive weight so you can be sure that during play, you won’t bend the rods. Also during play, with the heavy individuals previously discussed, the table can easily slide on the floor, scratching it and ruining the necessary inertia to perform high-level moves. But this table is actually quite heavy, while some would see that as a negative, tournament-level Fooser’s see this as an added benefit for better play. So you can be sure that if you purchase this table, it won’t slide around all over the ground.

Why Purchase Tornado?
Tornado Foosball table are all about bringing the highest quality materials to the table. Tornado, the designer and manufacturer of this table, is the leading Foosball table manufacturer around the world. If you want a high class tournament Foosball table, then you should ultimately purchase a table from Tornado. Not only that, their reputation precedes their customer service. Any problems you might have are met with complete and honest attention with a sincere attitude. Sometimes during shipment, these heavy tables can be damaged and dents or cracks may occur. Past customers have noted that any comment or inquisitions about damages were met with great service and quick replacements.
Assembly on this table can be troublesome however. This is an expensive and tournament-level table that requires at least 2 people to put it together. You’ll need to flip it over at times to assemble the pieces and as the table weighs close to 300 pounds, you can be sure that this table is going to be a little rough. Otherwise, the table assembly is not too bad. There are countless YouTube videos discussing assembly that make assembly much easier than some other tables. These assemblies represent Tornado upstanding service to the customers as they recognize the difficulty is assembling a difficult but high-quality piece of equipment.

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