Friday, February 13, 2015

Tornado Sport Foosball Table Review

The Tornado Sport Foosball table is one of the best Foosball tables in the world. Tornado, the leading manufacturer of Foosball tables, designed the Tornado Sport. While there are other, more expensive, higher quality Foosball tables within the Tornado line of tables, the sport still provides a superb playing experience with just a few less of the extra top-class professional amenities like counter-balanced men and professional Foosball bearings for extra mobility and a smoother game. But, this table is still great for families that want a good, high class table, but they don’t want the very best of the best which will cost a few hundred more. Don’t underestimate the Tornado Sport Foosball table, while the review may represent the table in a lesser fashion, this table is one of the leading sellers and is celebrated for its durability and simple playing experience.
The 1” thick mahogany cabinet provides a durable and safe game, you can be sure the table won’t crack from player’s weight or the force of the bars slamming into the sides which can often dislodge screws and separate the table.

  • Mahogany Melamine finish on a 1" thick cabinet<;li>
  • Height- adjustable legs with boot levelers
  • SureGrip black plastic handles
  • End ball return
  • U.S. built in Richland Hills, Texas
  • 34" tall 57" long 29" wide not counting handles, 43" wide including the handles
  • Does not have counter-balanced men

This table also has great handle, with SureGrip technology, it makes playing fun and conformable. While it has a nice end ball return, we would have liked to see the ball return on the side of the table where it would ultimately be more comfortable.
The table is built in Richland Hills, Texas, so it’s an American made table of the highest quality. Tornado makes the best tables, that you can search around. The conclusion with Tornado Foosball tables really is that if you don’t mind paying a little extra, then a Foosball table for the Tornado line is the way to go. There just isn't another table series that can compare to the Torando tables. However, that is because these tables are only for those who are serious about Foosball, or simply can afford to purchase such tables and wish to play on one of the best. However, there are other tables that one can purchase on the lower end if you ultimately don’t wish to have an expensive tournament quality Foosball table such as this one.
Conclusion: In the end this is a great table and anyone that decides to purchase this table will be happy unless, you are an advanced player or someone looking to compete in tournaments. In that case you want a better Foosball table, one with all the right specifications and characteristics necessary to practice the serious, high-level Foosball shots such as the Bank-shot or the Pull-shot. There are two other Foosball tables that are better than the Tornado Sport, and that is the Torando Elite Foosball table and the Tornado Tournament 3000 or T3000.

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